But tips on how to put that all together — writing a cover letter to find a new remote job — those are a little harder to come by. Hiring managers are tight on time and will quickly scan cover letters. Use bullet points to highlight your relevant experience in a concise way.

cover letter for remote position

Before transitioning to remote work, you need to make sure your career is positioned for remote work. Writing a remote cover letter that achieves each of these objectives can be intimidating, but it’s also fun! A cover letter is a short letter that you include with your resume to introduce yourself and explain your interest in the role, company, and why you are best suited to the role.

Cover Letter Example For Remote Position

Working from home requires different skills, as you’ll need to have a heightened sense of self-motivation, autonomy, and time management, among other things. Make sure you discuss the ways in which you’ve acclimated to remote work over your career and the ways in which you’re equipped to thrive in a virtual workplace. A work-from-home cover letter introduces you to potential employers and explains your interest in working remotely for them. The document summarizes your relevant experience and qualifications to show employers why they should hire you. As a remote applicant, your cover letter is an opportunity to showcase your personality and let them get to know you beyond what is on your resume. Now that you’ve got your research compiled, it’s time to get down to writing your cover letter. I like to keep it simple and straightforward with a 5-paragraph layout.

  • “I appreciated that I wouldn’t be the best for every opening but also remained firm that I did have a significant contribution to make,” she says.
  • Choose a cover letter template around education and focus on the important things by following our templates.
  • Suzy states the reason she wants to leave her current position is because she doesn’t want to switch to a new software program.
  • Check their website, social media, PR coverage, and even their Crunchbase profile to see if they’ve had recent funding rounds.
  • Suzy’s cover letter closes with the statement “I hope to hear from you soon.” She doesn’t provide a call to action that conveys what she wants to happen next.

A cover letter can help you tell your story and make your resume that much better. Choose one of our science-related cover letter examples and make yours shine. Let your academic accomplishments speak for themselves. Choose a cover letter template around education and focus on the important things by following our templates. That’s why https://remotemode.net/ we’ve prepped over 80 cover letter examples, some of which got Enhancv users hired at Spotify, HotJar, and Tesla. Note that only name and email are mandatory, and you don’t need to put a full address on a cover letter or resume anymore. Given this reality, imagine the leg up you’ll have if you learn how to do cover letters right.

What To Leave Out Of A Remote Job Cover Letter

The time-proven, trusty cover letter salutations seem a bit cliché and outdated. Name, job title, contact data – make sure all is well-formatted like in your resume. Now, let’s dig deeper into the sections that a good cover letter includes. If you are on a personal connection, like at home, you can run an anti-virus scan on your device to make sure it is not infected with malware.

  • If you’d like, introduce yourself with a short story, a joke, or a random fact about the role to set the tone of your cover letter.
  • If a company doesn’t readily display their company values and missions statement, you can usually find what you’re looking for in the footer.
  • Name, job title, contact data – make sure all is well-formatted like in your resume.
  • Addressing those problems increased visitors to our website and saved our business.

Now, you’ve erased any roadblocks before they became deal breakers. A cover letter is only effective if it’s well written and free of glaring grammatical errors. Suzy says she saw the ad “a few weeks ago.” Why did it take her a few weeks to respond? Suzy might come off as lazy if she tells the hiring manager that she didn’t take immediate action. A business services company specializing in customer relationship management has a current position open for a Virtual Customer Service Representative. Don’t jeopardize your cover letter’s success with useless or harmful information. Proofread that your letter has none of the following.

New To Remote Working In The Gc?

In this new normal, your remote hiring manager can see applicants from all over the country. It’s essential to stand out with a stellar cover letter. Arc is the radically different remote job search platform for developers where companies apply to you. We’ll feature you to great global startups and tech companies hiring remotely so you can land a great remote job in 14 days. We make it easier than ever for software developers and engineers to find great remote jobs. Always include skills or experiences that match the language of the job description.

It proves that you have an idea of the freelancer environment, scheduling, and reporting features. Thus, the potential employer will understand that your choice is conscious, and future cooperation has a low risk of misunderstanding.

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This approach will help you tailor your letter, showing employers that you understand their company, its needs and how you can support them. Start by reviewing the job posting and noting the responsibilities or skills that align with your work history. You will use these as examples in your cover letter to show your relevant experience. If you’re applying for multiple positions at a company, try to limit yourself and be realistic. When you’re excited about a company, you may want to apply to several different positions there. But what kind of impression does that leave with potential employers? There are times when applying to multiple positions at the same company could make a job seeker seem desperate—or worse, unqualified—for any of the positions.

cover letter for remote position

Be sure to show enthusiasm about the opportunity or your passions related to the role. Resume and cover letter examples for freelancers, what to include, selecting a resume style, listing your portfolio, and more writing tips and advice.Read More…


Always end your cover letter with a strong call to action. Reminding the reader to reach out to you is crucial to ending up on the shortlist. You’ll notice several elements in this paragraph that help keep the reader engaged, and also add value to the application.

  • Suzy doesn’t provide specific details about her qualifications.
  • Your tone should express your enthusiasm, adaptability, and highlight a bit of your personality.
  • My clients have frequently praised me for my communication skills, particularly my ability to easily explain technical concepts to non-technical users.
  • A good cover letter can be essential to get you noticed by hiring managers.
  • We’ll show you exactly how to tailor your application so you can land the remote job you’ve been eyeing in just five simple steps.

Also consider emphasizing any times when you spearheaded projects or worked independently. Have you ever taken work home on the evenings or weekends? Have you worked on a volunteer or freelance project at home? Any of this counts as remote work experience, so add it to your cover letter. Even if you have experience, it never hurts to shine the spotlight on some of your most relevant skills. But, this becomes even more important if you need to show that you’re a no-brainer fit—even when your past roles aren’t quite as traditional.

Be succinct — a hiring manager should be able to read your letter at a glance. If you think that addressing your employment gap is important, then definitely include a sentence about it. With that being said, employment gaps aren’t uncommon and most recruiters would love to know more about your unemployment gap as it can help them understand more about you. Nicholas goes above and beyond in cover letter for remote position describing his accomplishments and his soft skills in communication and management. He begins his cover letter directly with an accomplishment statement that will make him stand out from other applicants. I look forward to discussing the barista position and my qualifications with you in more detail. I’ll be in touch next week to follow up, just to make sure you’ve received my application.

cover letter for remote position

Saying you’re a ‘problem-solver’ is about as helpful as explaining your preference for chocolate croissants over regular croissants. Don’t tell them about your amazing problem-solving skills.

I build and lead high-performance teams that work both in online and offline campaigns. I was pleased to see you’re hiring for the barista position at Grey Raven Coffee Bar. As an experienced barista with 6 years of professional experience I’m confident that I would be a valuable asset to Grey Raven and the local community you serve. I was excited to see the Business Development Manager position for Bootstrap IO, as it is a career change that I’m looking forward to making.

How To Write A Cover Letter To Land A Remote Job: 5 Powerful Strategies

She’d done her research and “listed some things she would do or already had done that would help us address those needs,” says Michele. I’m experienced in both company and franchise brand building.